Steve Fuller

Steve started learning to dance back in 1972 (in black and white in those days)  and has almost got the hang of it. Before  coming to Grimsby in 1981 Steve had stints dancing with Ebor Morris ( in York) and Wath Morris ( in South Yorkshire). Since arriving in Grimsby Steve has spent  many of the intervening years as a dancer and musician with team, as well as being archivist in more recent years . Steve is currently the team Foreman , which means that he teaches the  dancing and advises members how best to present the dances. Adherence to said advice appears to be discretionary!


Martin Campbell

Martin is the Squire of Grimsby Morris Men.

Martin had been hanging around the fringes of Grimsby Morris Men for many years before finally taking the plunge in January 1993 and joining the side. He quckly grasped the principles and then only had to persuade his feet (and other body parts) to follow them.

One Christmas before he joined the side Martin had been shanghai'd by the Plough Play cast to temporarily take on the role of "Doctor" and, soon after joining, he revived GMM's tradition of performing Plough Plays as producer/director/dialogue coach/actor...

In 2011 Steve Fuller stood down from the position of Squire and Martin stepped into his shoes. Martin continues to direct our activities, with varying degrees of success, to this day.


Tony Copp

Some stuff about Tony to go here.

No History

Trevor Jones

I joined Grimsby Morris in January 2005 having skirted around the edges for a few years and my first dance out was a Boarder one in Cleethorpes on 12th March 2005.

Can't believe it has been that long.


Nick Booth

Nick  is our current bagman.

Nick joined Grimsby Morris Men in 2011 after many months of unsubtle persuasion by Dave Laister. After years of practice he can now get his feet off the ground if the wind is in the right direction.

In 2013 Nick took over the management of the side's website. The following year our long suffering bagman Steve Massen retired from the post and Nick took on this role despite the many other volunteers who wanted to do it.