About Stanley

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Stanley, or "Stan" as he is affectionately known, is our boar.Stan the Boar


Stan is outgoing and friendly; he is a deeply caring animal. He is affectionate and warm and loves children (although he couldn’t eat a whole one!).


Stan was created, back in the mists of time (actually it was about 1986) by mad (well, he wasn’t very pleased) engineer "Count" Frankenspreadborough in his remote, Gothic, mountain top refuge in Laceby. As a result of a tragic accident during a cloning experiment involving a Grimsby Corporation coat of arms, a sausage and a polystyrene drinking cup, Stan was created. Partly formed and bewildered the witless creature was befriended by Grimsby Morris Men and given a purpose and a destiny!


Stan takes his name from the well loved and greatly missed Stan Compton who was Grimsby Morris Men’s first fool. Other Morris teams may have hobby horses - according to Chamber’s dictionary "One of the chiefest parts played in the ancient Morris Dance". In this context "Hobby" means: appertaining to a hob: a hob is a clownish fellow or mischievous fairy, as in Hobgoblin. We are delighted to have, in the shape of our unique and beloved Stan, a hobby BOAR! Like his predecessor and namesake, Stan is quite adept at entertaining the crowd and also frightening small children.

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